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Our Commitments

Commitment 1

Assess your property according to a study that takes into account the specific characteristics of the property, the sales of similar property, the failure of sales of similar properties and the proximity of facilities (schools, market, shops, leisure), the statistical price trends over the past five years to determine, with you, a price consistent with the local real estate market by applying our fees.

Commitment 2

Technical and legal assistance (SRU, Carrez law, asbestos, lead poisoning, eating insects, gas ...) with the support of independent professionals.

Commitment 3

An accurate measurement of your property with a state of the art laser measure.

Commitment 4

Give you practical advice to best present your property.

Commitment 5

Take photographs of your property to facilitate its sale and its presentation to buyers.

Commitment 6

Disseminate our website photos and description of your order to expose your offer to many customers as possible.

Commitment 7

Place For Sale signs on your property (other objection on your part).

Commitment 8

Achieve the program for you next marketing and sales on the duration of the mission :
immediate recovery potential buyers contained in our files, 
send or deposit of 25 newsletters at least in the vicinity (unless you object), 
advertising in a newspapers ad (according to our agreements), 
put a display a poster with high quality pictures (laser printing), 
• enabling our network of partner agencies (transmission of technical specifications and photographs of your property, unless you object).

Commitment 9

Select among the potential buyers, those intentions and actual purchasing opportunities before they visit your property.

Commitment 10

Assist the buyer in its financial situation, including advising on research and analysis for its funding, with loan terms relationships with our financial partners.

Commitment 11

We send you a report by telephone and / to keep you informed, at least once every fortnight share business results of the visits, contact tracing.

Commitment 12

With partner agencies system, which connects all agencies of the partnership, to assist you in finding your new home if you are considering relocating or buying elsewhere.